Carp Fishing around Torbay

There are a few small ponds and lakes in the Torbay area that offer enjoyable carp fishing. The majority of them in the Torbay area are completely wheelchair accessible, although you may struggle in a manual wheelchair. You will also need transport to get to the venues based in Torquay. The two ponds along the Totnes Road are on the bus route so if you haven't got a vehicle there shouldn't be a problem, as long as you're not one of these anglers that takes a ton of equipment with them.

Town Parks - Paignton


Town Parks consists of two lakes of approximately 1.5 acres each. The bottom lake contains carp to high doubles, large catfish and various other fish.

The match lake contains a very large head of carp including common, mirror, ghost and ghost koi that average between 3 and 6lb, however there are still lots of carp bigger than this with a fish of around 20 lbs being the biggest in the lake. There is a ton of silver fish including road roach and bream which can be annoying to the carp angler. I believe there is also some tench resident in the lake as well.

The best approach to catching carp on the match lake is to fish match style using light tackle and small baits. Many anglers fish the pole at town parks and do very well. I've caught tons of carp using surface fishing methods, match style pellet and method feeders and float fishing in the margins. Serious match anglers can also expect to bag up fishing up in the water whilst loose feeding pellets. Best baits include corn, pellets, meat, match boilies and bread and mixers for surface fishing. However, check my carp fishing article on what other baits are good for catching carp.


Penn fishing from peg 1 on the match lake

The match lake has good accessibility for power wheelchairs. You may struggle pushing a manual wheelchair though. There is parking next to the lake for blue badge holders.. If you contact Gerry prior to your visit, preferably the day before then you can reserve a swim, Gerry is very amicable and understanding towards disabled anglers and their needs.

For more information on Town Parks visit their website at

New Barn Angling Centre - Paignton

Mirror Lake New Barn angling centre

 New Barn Angling Centre

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Barn Angling Centre is located on the outskirts of Paignton. The site consists of 6 lakes and ponds suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Mirror lake is the main carp lake, covering 1.25 acres with an island and underwater plteaus. Island, Rosie and Lulu pools are small pools located near the car park, with depths of up to 6ft. They’re specially suited to the young or inexperienced carper. Willow Lake is about 1/3 acre in size and has many carp. Lily Lake is a small lake, about 0.25 acre in size, and predominately stocked with tench and bream.

Float fishing for carp can often be successful, as is ledgering and surface fishing during the summer. I've had success with various baits such as meat, boilies, bread, dog biscuits, trout pellets and maggots I've always believed in keeping things simple when fishing these small commercial waters so a simple peacock quill fished using the lift method can work extremely well. I've also had quite a bit of success surface fishing during the warmer months floating baits such as dog biscuits or pellets are sure to tempt carp.

Mirror Lake is reasonably accessible for wheelchairs, although the paths are quite narrow so you might need to ask people to move. Most of the swims come equipped with a hut which is quite handy in bad weather, especially if you are a wheelchair user. The other lakes on the complex are slightly smaller but still hold a good head of carp. Willow and Lily Lake, plus the other small lakes can be accessed by a road running up the hill. These two small ponds have limited access for wheelchair fishermen. Try fishing fairly light in these ponds, you will have good fun.


For more information visit The New Barn Angling Centre Website

Charlcombe Pond -Torquay


Charlcombe Pond is located over in Torquay in a small farming area called Rocombe, I believe very close to where the ice cream comes from. isThis water is located in a beautiful part of the countryside and you really would think you are in the middle of nowhere, I can't really think of a nicer place to be on a warm sunny day. The pond is probably no more than 200 feet long, and 40 feet wide and water depth varies from around 6 foot, to less than a foot in the margins. Don't be fooled by the size of the pond, it contains quite a nice head of carp with fish up to eighteen pound. Most people either fish pellets, sweetcorn or meat on either the bottom, or a float rig. I actually prefer to use a short 3 m pole to fish the margins. Make sure you use a strong elastic of at least 20, plus a hook link of no less than 6 lb.

There is ample parking at one end of the pond which gives access to both sides of the water. There aren't any designated swims at Charlcombe, you basically find a free spot alongside the pond and start fishing. The roadside of the pond stretching from the car park to just past the island is best suited to wheelchair users. A little further towards the end of the pond gets a little bit dodgy as the ground is not particularly level. You can fish on the other side of the pond but there will not be that much room behind you.

The margins at Charlcombe pond are extremely shallow at the top end of the pond, the bottom end of the pond is slightly deeper. You'll find that the margins slope slightly from less than a foot, down to nearly 2 feet. Carp like to feed at the bottom, and at the top of the slopes so if you're using float tactics then using a plummet, try and locate both the top and bottom of the slopes and fish in this location.

For those of you who like fishing for eels, Charlcombe pond does contain a number of eels around the 1 or 2lb mark. Most people catch these eels by accident when using bait such as worm or maggots, however if you want to target the eels then try using a float or bottom fish small dead fish bait towards dusk, you're not allowed to night fish at Charlcombe pond but you can fish until it's almost dark.

Hot bright days at Charlcombe pond

I found that hot days can dramatically affect the fishing at Charlcombe pond. The water is extremely shallow and warms up very quickly. During the hottest part of the day the fish often go off the feed, this may be due to very bright conditions and even lack of oxygen in the water. If you're fishing during the day at Charlcombe and it's very sunny, try fishing in the shaded areas and especially at the far end underneath the trees and around the inlet where the water enters the pond at the far end. However, Charlcombe is best fished in the early morning, or late afternoon when the sun starts to go down. Just before it starts getting dark, the fish often come onto the feed vigourously and you'll be amazed how much movement there is when you throw free offerings in.

Please Be Aware of Disabled Anglers

I would like to make a friendly appeal to anglers fishing Charlcombe pond. The car park is often chock-a-block when I arrive, so I've been given permission to reverse my van through the gate so it's easier for me to gain access to the pond and unload all my gear. Occasionally some anglers like to fish in front of the gate, now I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't fish here, all I'm saying is please be aware that if myself, or another disabled wheelchair angling comes along and wants to use the gate, please understand and show a little thought and let us use the gate for access. We're not for 1 min saying that we have priority over swims at Charlcombe, were just asking people to have a little understanding and respect the fact that being in a wheelchair means that we can only access certain parts of the pond easily. Thanks guys

Some photos from Charlcombe Pond


Charlcombe pond in Torquay is my utopia


Here I am using my Middy Shock Stikk in the margins

 5lb Bream caught at Charlcombe Pond

5lb Bream - for a small water, Charlcombe Pond holds some quality Bream


This ghost koi caught by my friend Ian weighed in at just less than 10lb and is a typical Charlcombe pond carp

Some more photos from Charlcombe Pond

 Baby Ducklings at Charlcombe Pond  Penn Feeder Fishing 10lb Ghost Carp at Charlcombe Pond  Penn fishing  Charlcombe Pond  Rocombe Pond

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Charlcombe is part of the Newton Abbot Fishing Association waters and to fish it you either need a day ticket, or a full or associate membership. Visit the Newton Abbot Fishing Associations website for more information

Charlcombe Pond is a little off the beaten track and is best reached from Torbay by travelling through Barton and then taking a right turn approximately a mile up the road from the shops at Barton. Charlcombe is in my opinion the most beautiful place to go fishing anywhere in Torbay, absolutely adore sitting by the pond on a lovely warm summers day.