Catch Carp on Fake Baits

artificial sweetcorn and maize has been around for a few years. However some of the companies like and have redesigned their fake baits to the extent that they are just as good as the real thing. The sweetcorn they produce comes in varying sizes colours and flavours and is designed to fish using pop-up methods, or just slightly critically balanced. The ESP sweetcorn is fantastic, they've over exaggerated the colours slightly so they really stand out, you can see this if you compare it to a real piece of sweetcorn. They provide 16 pieces of varying sizes in each packet. They have also incorporated a clever design into their sweetcorn whereas they have a little recess either on the side, or on the bottom where the sweetcorn stop fits in perfectly. They provide a strip of these stops with each packet, but you can also buy them individually as well.

The sweetcorn and maize comes in buoyant and and pop-up. This basically means if you want to fish a pop-up rig, use the pop-up maze or sweetcorn. Most people use pop-up brakes when fishing over weed, they want to make sure the fish can see the bait properly. The buoyant plastic baits can be critically balanced so they don't necessarily perform like a pop-up, rather they just make it slightly more lighter so that when the fish sucks bait up, that goes first, rather than the heavier free offerings. The buoyant baits are best fished over clean ground, whether that be gravel or sand.


artificial dog biscuits At last, an end to that tedious drilling or gluing of mixer biscuits for floater fishing. This incredibly will float all day and won't fall off your hook. Made of non-toxic material, the new moulding method developed for this product has produced an almost identical artificial dog mixer biscuit. 4 sizes of biscuit are included in each pack of 8 biscuits to match the size of biscuit the carp are feeding on




artificial bread can be a useful product to have in your tackle box. Unlike other artificial breads available, this looks and feels like bread! The new artificial bread has accounted for many a Chub, Carp and Mullet. The artificial bread is soft to the touch, will float all day, stays on the hook and most importantly: fools the fish. The bread will take a flavour due to the sponge like consistency of the product




artificial tiger nutsProduced using the same new moulding method, this is perfect for producing popped up or neutrally buoyant baits. Used in conjunction with real tiger nuts, it will help produce perfectly presented baits to fool even the most wary of fish. 2 sizes of tiger nut are included in each pack of 4 nuts



Korda Slow Sinking Dumbbell Fake Food

 Korda slow sinking dumbbells Korda produce a range of fake food that seem to have taken the carp world by storm. They come in various sizes and flavours and are designed to be fished on the bottom. Try fishing them alongside a PVA bag containing various sized pellets. These slow sinking dumbbells actually float if you put them in the water, however as soon as they are attached to your rig, the weight of the hook will pull them to the bottom, however dumbbell will still float just above the hook which is absolutely perfect for clear bottoms such as gravel and sand.

Korda sell a large variety of plastic fake food including sweetcorn and maize, all of which can be used completely on their own.


Korda NEW DF Rig Ready Tied Carp Fishing Hair Rigs

Korda have also produced a new hair rig that is made to fish not only standard baits like boilies, but the fake plastic food like corn and dumbbells. If you are going to be using some of the Korda fake carp food baits then why not use one of their ready tied hair rigs as well, after all if it works for Danny Fairbrass, it should work for you as well


Fake maggots

 fake maggots Maggots can be a fabulous bait for carp. However, I just can't be bothered dealing with the real ones. However, some of the tackle companies including and are now producing realistic looking fake maggots that are surprisingly effective and are being used by the top anglers nowadays. I quite fancy using some of these and fishing them just under the surface, I reckon they should pick up some of those carp that may be a little bit reluctant to take from the surface but may not have seen many maggots slung just under the surface. I would fish these fake maggots on a fairly small hook, probably no bigger than size 10. You could try sliding one of the maggots up the shank of the hook, and putting three or four and the actual hook. Alternatively make up a cocktail of a piece of fake sweetcorn and one single fake maggot on a hair rig.