Rolf Harris Jokes

Rolf Harris has been arrested after letting two little boys touch his two little toys


There are some bars, some grey walls, a toilet and a big black man. Can you guess what it is yet Rolf?


The latest Australian drug, Rolfhypnol!!


Is it me, or as each day goes by is it getting harder to tell the difference between the queen’s honours list and the sex offenders register?


Is there no end to Rolf Harris’s musical talents? Hit songwriter, singer, virtuoso on didgeridoo and wobble-board, and now we find out he’s also an expert fiddler. 


“Tie me kangaroo down sport.”

Excatly why does Rolf need to tie down the Kangaroo in the first place I wonder.

Then I heard the second verse.

“Squeeze me koala bears juice loose.”

Dirty bastard.


Police have arrested an 82 year entertainer in Berkshire, after claims he showed groups of children his “extra leg”.


I feel partly to blame for Rolf Harris’s arrest. I told the police that he drew me a picture of a massive cock on Rolfs Cartoon Club when I was twelve.

I forgot to mention it was of Foghorn Leghorn.


“Up next guys and gals” Jimmy Savile said from my laptop “Rolf Harris doing two little boys”

“Watching an old episode of top of the pops?” my wife asked.

“Yes” I replied, thinking I need to watch my child porn in a more private place


Allegedly Rolf Harris has been arrested by police investigating sex crimes relating to the Jimmy Savile inquiry. I feel my childhood is being pulled from under me.


Who will be next, the cast of Rainbow or Fingermouse?

Most likely Fingermouse, I’d say.


Rolf Harris now the latest person to be arrested in the Jimmy Saville case. From “Drummer Boy” “To Bum A Boy ”


When the cops came to arrest Rolf,why didn’t he just paint a black hole and jump down it like Bugs Bunny?


Rolf Harris’ spokesman has dismissed rumours he’s been arrested in the Jimmy Savile scandal, insisting the Police “Were Just Passing By”.