The Chinese Takeaway with the Rats on the Menu

Fancy a chinese take-away?.....not after this you won't.

This restaurant got closed down yesterday. It was told by a reliable source that PSEG needed to use Amin's entrance in the basement to assist another shop that was having a gas leak, the service worker went into the basement of Amins and discover a butcher chopping meat, that's fine, but he was putting the meat in a crate on the floor (not good) but wait there's more, there were 20 dead rats on the floor. The service worker left the site told his boss and the city inspectors moved in. They noticed that the so called "rats" which were reported were no longer there. The inspectors then came across a padlocked door and instructed one of the cooks to unlock it. This is what they found other workers doing outside behind the restaurant. When the inspectors went into the kitchen this what they found

And the killer is, they never thought they were doing anything wrong!