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Subcategories from this category: Catch Report
I started using pellets and ground bait manufactured by Sonubaits. Obviously there are far too many other manufacturers out there to try every single company, but I really love their pellets and ground bait, not only do they do the job, but you also get really good value for money. After watching a YouTube video I also started using one of their flavourings, the which smells like vanilla. I really do think the stuff works, ever since the bottle ran out my catch rates haven't been quite as good.
I have given you a few links on eBay to companies where you can buy both ground bait and pellets manufactured by Sonubaits. 
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I buy the majority of my carp fishing tackle and fishing bait on eBay nowadays. You can often find exactly the same shops on eBay, but you will often get exactly the same goods but without having to pay any shipping.
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I am an avid fisherman and often spend the whole day sitting beside the fishing lake. In the hot weather it can be extremely uncomfortable if I'm not able to cool down. It is important that people with my particular high-level disability have a way to cool down. Unfortunately our internal thermometer has basically been completely disrupted due to the high-level spinal cord injury and therefore we do not sweat in hot weather. Of course sweating is the body's way to cool itself down. The next best thing to sweating is to actually simulate sweating, I found an excellent way to cool myself down in hot weather and that is to use a . I never gave fishing in the summer now without my trusty water spray bottle.

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I went fishing today for the first time this year. It was a beautiful sunny and actually turned out to be quite hot, I wish I didn't put my fleece on. I actually sprayed water onto my neck and face to keep cool today, really was very warm indeed.

For such a beautiful sunny day, I was really surprised that there were only two other people at Town Parks match lake.

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I received an e-mail from a UK company this evening that have started manufacturing environmentally friendly fishing hooks for catching garfish. Now this idea isn't exactly new, they use something similar to catch marlin in some parts of Mexico. Basically, instead of having a traditional fishing hook which is designed to pierce the fishes mouth, stopping it from escaping, this company is using fine strands of silk. Now you may wonder how on earth you are going to catch a fish on silk, may be you could lasso it some way. Actually, it's a lot simpler than that. The garfish has a very long beak type mouth, a little bit like a crocodile I suppose. Their mouths are full of little teeth. They have designed the silk in a way that it attracts the garfish, the garfish probably thinks it's a small baitfish. As soon as the garfish grab hold of the silk, the silk becomes entangled in all the tiny teeth and the garfish cannot escape. Now if you've ever fished for garfish, you'll know that they are buggers for swallowing the bait. Normally a fish can get rid of a hook in the salty water, they will often corrode and the fish will not be affected at all. However, most people want their hook back and simply rip it out of the fishes throat which obviously results in the fishes death. This new method will obviously appeal to those people who are squeamish about removing hooks from the fishes mouth. I foresee using something like this if you are targeting garfish only, maybe if you are fishing in one of the competitions and are looking for specimen size garfish and do not want to catch anything else. Obviously the other advantages you are not going to snag up on rocks and weed whilst retrieving your tackle. I'm looking forward to trying these myself later on in the summer when the garfish arrive in our waters. The only downside I can see is that you may have to renew the silk hook every time you catch a fish. But we will just have to wait and see, it may be a case that a single silk hook will last a whole fishing session before you have to discard it.

If you are interested in trying these out then go to the website link below, these are the only UK suppliers of the silk hook

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