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Subcategories from this category: Catch Report

Posted by on in Angling
Keep nets are something I absolutely detest. However you see them all the time on commercial carp waters and I just wish the fishery owners would put a complete ban on them outside of fishing matches. Over the last two or three years I have seen the same people constantly using keep nets at one of the venues I go to. I've observed them throughout the day putting every carp they catch into their keep net. However, at the end of the day when they are packing up, all they do is take the net out of the water and empty all the fish back into the pond. Exactly what is the point of this? Even though I don't agree with keeping carp cooped up in a keep net for several hours, I could sort of understand if somebody wanted a nice photo of themselves lying on the bank behind a huge haul of carp, at least they'll be doing it for a reason. But no, the only thing I can think of is these people are doing it because they want to show off in front of all the other anglers, hey, look how many carp I've caught!
I honestly don't think some of these people are taking the carp's welfare very seriously. Fish do not like to be all huddled together in the keep net where they can't move. In the summertime when it's warm the water can often be lacking in oxygen. Anglers who insist on using keep nets when it's very hot are not thinking about the carp's well-being at all. If a fish cannot move around properly in hot weather then it could possibly die of hypoxaemia, this is a lack of oxygen in the blood. Under no circumstances should carp ever be kept in the keep net in warm weather. In fact you should forget about keep nets altogether during the summer time in my opinion.
Finally, there is the question of fairness. Everyone pays the same money to fish at a commercial water. Is it really fair of one guy to keep a large number of the ponds fish in his keep net just for his own ego? If there are 200 fish swimming around in the pond and I have paid £7 to fish that pond, I want to be fishing for 200 carp, not 120 because a few guys have got them all in their keep nets.
If you are an avid keep net user then please think very carefully about what you are doing. Why do you feel the need to put every carp you catch in the keep net for the whole day? Do you honestly think that it's fair on the fish? I would ask these anglers to please leave their keep nets at home and only use them for when they are taking part in fishing matches. You are not impressing anyone by keeping the whole day's catch all cooped up in the net. All you are doing is causing the carp a lot of stress.
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Posted by on in Angling
has been around for quite a few years now. However, it's always been in the form of a chum mixer biscuit that has been soaked and has expanded in size. So when you put in three offerings, your hook bait didn't look the same and therefore the carp would often get spooked and avoid them. So companies including Enterprise Tackle have now reinvented the fake mixer biscuit and brought out one that looks exactly the same as the mixer biscuit that comes straight out of the packet. They have also designed the biscuit so it can be easily hair rigged which I absolutely love. I have now made up several hair rigs at different lengths to suit different floats. I've used one of Korda's mixa hooks and Krusier control surface fishing line which makes for the perfect surface fishing hook link. These new mixer biscuits sit perfectly on a hair rig and you get an excellent hook hold every single time, right in the corner of the mouth.
The new fake mixers come with one hole in the biscuit. You'll find that you will need to push a needle through the hole and penetrate the other side so that you can get your hair through. Make sure that when you mount the biscuit, you always push the needle through the larger hole first. When the biscuit is mounted on the hair, the larger hole will be at the bottom. The fake mixers come with a clever little device that prevents the biscuit from falling off the hair. However, they are also coloured and are made to act as a spotter so that when your fake biscuit is sitting amongst 10 other real biscuits, you can actually pick yours out quite easily because. This is particularly helpful because carp will often mouth the bait before taking. The little coloured disc that holds the biscuit onto the hair can almost be used as a float, if you see it disappear under the water then the chances are it in a fishes mouth, even if the fish hasn't run.
I absolutely love these fake mixers, you can literally spend the whole day surface fishing without ever having to change your hook bait. There's nothing worse than reeling in quickly because you want to cast out to fish that are topping only to have the biscuit fall off, you've then got to fiddle around with a silly little elastic band that can often be quite difficult to get around a mixer biscuit.
I got mine off eBay where you can often find companies selling them without charging post and packaging.
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Posted by on in Angling
I bought myself a bag of a few weeks ago and have use them at a local venue. I must admit I was rather surprised at how well the pellets performed. However, these pellets are oil-based, they are also very hard, much harder than your standard course type pellet. Therefore ignore the three-minute to 3 mm soaking rule, soak these for about half an hour and you will find that they will stick to the feeder like nobody's business. 
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Posted by on in Angling
There are various companies that produce ready-made hooks to nylon method feeder hook link. Okay, many people prefer to make their own, but for the price you pay for eight hook links, you're probably better off buying them. They are made from first-class materials and are perfect for use with the method and pellet feeder. I've been using various companies including Drennan and Guru.
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Posted by on in Angling
Guru who manufacture some really nice method and pellet feeders have now brought out some redesigned method feeders that look really good. I haven't tried them yet, I've got someone order which should be with me in the next day or two. Apparently these pellet feeders address the problem of pellets falling off, especially if you are fishing in deeper water. I will write up a blog post at some stage and tell you how I get on with them. In the meantime, try them out yourself, I bought mine from eBay.
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