that summer starring Ray WinstoneThat Summer was Ray Winstone's sixth film according to IMDb. Contrary to some people's believe it is not a sequel to Scrum which also according to IMDb was released after That Summer. I think people get confused because both films involve Ray's character being incarcerated in a Borstal.
That Summer was released in 1979. It was filmed almost entirely in either early spring or late summer in the seaside Devon resort of Torquay. The film follows a London teenager called Steve Brodie who has just been released from Borstal. Disillusioned by his life in London and wanting to put all his troubles behind him, he decides to head to Torquay to try and win the annual around the bay swimming race.
At the same time three other people are planning their own trip down to Torquay. Friends Carol and Angie from Leeds work in a food factory but have recently obtained summer jobs at the Imperial hotel in Torquay. Meanwhile in London Jimmy who is at college is planning on travelling to Torquay for the summer to work on a beach, much to the annoyance of his father who wanted him to work in his butchers shop for the summer.
After hitching a ride from London to Torquay (to the soundtrack of New Life by the Zones) he finds an advert looking for a pot man at the Pickwick pub.
I won't spoil the rest of the film by telling you what happens. However all doesn't go quite as he had hoped after inadvertently getting on the wrong side of three Scottish lads who are also on holiday in Torquay.
I first saw the film back in 1988 where it was screened on TSW late on a Friday evening. I've never heard of the film and I'd never heard of Ray Winstone either. I didn't watch it at the time, I just happened to put the VHS on record after hearing that it may be set in Torquay. I'm really glad that I did record it that evening because the film became very elusive and was almost impossible to get hold of for many years.
Thankfully we now have the Internet and YouTube so it's easy to share this great film with Ray Winstone fans.
I hope you enjoy watching That Summer, I recently obtained a really good quality version of That Summer. Previous versions were not that brilliant, this version is the best I've ever seen. I love watching it myself every now and then, although I've seen it more times than I can remember. Check out the soundtrack as well, it is absolutely awesome.

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