Jim'll Fix It Jokes


Nothing says you are an ugly child in the 1980s like writing into Jim'll Fix It asking to go camping with Jimmy Savile and Gary glitter and getting no reply


Anyone who has sex with somebody old enough to be grandfather deserves a medal

According to Jim'll Fix It


I took my kids to the filming of Jim'll Fix It. I even sorted it out for them to meet Sir Jimmy afterwards.

Obviously nothing could ever top that as they never asked me for anything ever again


"Little girl, I notice your dress has fallen down"

" Come over here, Jim'll Fix It for you"


What's the difference between the Blue Peter badge and a Jim'll Fix It badge?

You don't have to suck Peter Purves' cock for a Blue Peter badge


I broke my screen on my classic Nokia 1011, so I sent it to Jim'll Fix It, I got a reply saying he could only deal with cracks less than 12 years old


I've always been suspicious of "too good to be true" bargains, so when a neighbour's friend offered me the original chair from Jim'll Fix It for only 500 quid, something about it smelt a little bit fishy.

Turned out to Be the Armrest