Jokes about Sex Predator Jimmy Savile

 The following jokes may offend, you read them at your own discretion


BREAKING NEWS : A gang of dyslexic vigilantes have just beaten up Jimmy Somerville



Susan Boyle is outraged at her treatment during her appearance as a child on Jim'll Fix It

He never laid a finger on her



I was an unlucky child.  I was given a ticket for Top of the Pops back in the 70s, hosted by Jimmy Savile, featuring Gary Glitter, Michael Jackson, The Bay City Rollers and Jonathan King.  My arse still hurts to this very day



What did Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile have in common?

They both shafted miners in the 1980s........



Dear Jim,

Please could you fix it for the girl in my class who I really fancy to come on holiday with me?

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Forrest age 30



Jimmy Savile's last request was for his ashes to be put into an etch a sketch so that kids could continue to fiddle with his knob



When will these Jimmy Savile allegations ever end?  Police are now saying that Jeremy Beadle may have had a small hand in it



I saw Rolf Harris in town today, I said to him "I can remember you doing "Two Little Boys' back in 1970"... He said "Fuck off, that was Jimmy Savile"



What has Jimmy Savile and a tortoise got in common?

They both want to get there before the hare does



It can only be a matter of time before Boris Johnsons mum comes forward and tells us that she was raped by Jimmy Saville in 1963



If he abused for all that time, how did they only find out now then, now then, now then?


Hilarious Jimmy Savile joke aired live on Ulster radio