Cryptic Clue Quiz

How are you at solving cryptic clues?

Below are 15 cryptic clues which when solved will name a city somewhere in the world.

So with that in mind, see how well you do at solving these cryptic clues. Good luck

  1. Brown Envelope
  2. Singer Vera Is Naked
  3. Put Father in a Holdall
  4. 9 Million Bicycles
  5. Capone Mocks
  6. Waterproof boot
  7. Python VHS
  8. Trendy Sandwich Shop Has Just Opened
  9. Last Tango
  10. Quickly on foot Spike, Peter, Harry and Michael
  11. Wander
  12. Australian under
  13. Actress Loren
  14. EEE
  15. Strictly No Men

to get the answers to these cryptic clues click here.