Joke about a Horse Burger

When cooking Tesco burgers the correct term is not 'medium to rare', but 'good to firm'


I had a Tesco burger last night.

I've still got a bit between my teeth.


I just checked my burgers in the fridge....... And they're off.


The German supermarket in Cowplain is selling burgers specially for children.

Their called 'My Lidl Pony'.


I hear the veggie burgers have been found to contain traces of uniquorn.


The bloke next to me in Asdas cafe ordered a burger. The assistant asked if he wanted anything on it and he replied "a fiver each way."


I ate some of Tescos burgers last night. They gave me the trots.


Sat here reading the label on these Aldi burgers.

It turns out they're fairly low in fat but surprisingly high in Shergar.


One man has already been hospitalised after eating the offending horse burgers.
His condition is described as 'stable'.


Good thing about these horse puns is it's stopped all the sick Jimmy Saddle jokes



Horsemeat in burgers? That’s cruel. Horses should be where they belong: On a racecourse, being whipped by midgets



A lot of people longing for the good old days when tesco burgers were made from cows’ arseholes, cocks and eyelids

In ten years time you’ll be praying for some horsemeat in your cockroach burgers



“Horses for Courses”, the name of Tesco’s new in-house restaurant chain. Tescos horse

If you think Tesco horse burgers are bad, you should try Waitrose Quarter Pandas

Some of these Tesco jokes are a bit pony