Gary Glitter Jokes

The following jokes are very offensive, you read them at your own discretion


Gary Glitter....

He would have got away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids




My wife just gave birth to twin boys, 7 pounds each

Gary Glitter will love our prices!




My daughter had a charades party for her birthday.

After my turn I was beaten up by the other dads.

It would seem that holding my cock and wanking furiously while staring at my daughter's friends is not the best way to do Gary Glitter




What do Gary Glitter and napalm have in common?

Both can strip the clothes of small a Vietnamese child in under two seconds.




Gary Glitter was let out of prison early for "good behaviour." Well, what did they expect? There aren't any kids in prison-it wasn't exactly like you had the opportunity to misbehave, was it?




On a scale of 1-10, how old is Gary Glitter's girlfriend?




I'm all ready for Halloween. My Gary Glitter costume came this morning... It's a bit small though, looks like it is for fucking kids




It is now illegal to wear your clothes on the wrong part of your body

Take Gary Glitter for example; he was jailed for putting a Thai on his cock.




I've got a friend who's got a phobia of glitter.

I told him "for God's sake, you're 21 now. He's not interested"




You can say what you like about Gary Glitter.... but the kids always come first with him




Gary Glitter came over to my house for tea last night, said he was just going to the little boys room.

Bastard went upstairs and raped my son




I walked into the shop and bought a bottle of baby oil, a pack of condom is, a bottle of value vodka and a pack of Haribo. The lady said, "look, I'm sorry but I just can't serve you that, I'm calling the police."

I raged at her, "just because I order these items, doesn't mean you jump to the worst conclusions!"

She calmly replied, "actually, I'm afraid we do Mr Glitter."




Following a whirlwind romance, Gary Glitter is to marry his fiancee tomorrow in Gretna

When asked why he is in laws weren't invited, he claims his bride hadn't spoken to her parents since a nightmare holiday last year in Portugal




Gary Glitter is set to remake two Arnold Schwarzenegger films into one

It's going to be called Kindergarten Predator




Gary Glitter has Won the Auction for Michael Jackson's PC




When I was a kid I was very ill in hospital and Gary Glitter came to visit me.

I was touched