Shore Fishing from Freshwater Quarry

fishing from Brixham Harbour More commonly known as Oxen Cove car park, this area used to be a limestone quarry and is known locally as Freshwater Quarry, don't ask me why. If you are a wheelchair user and would prefer to fish in safety very close to where you park your car then Freshwater Quarry is probably the only place in the whole of Torbay where you can do so.

I should mention first that this venue is located alongside the outer marina where the water is extremely shallow, probably no more than around 12 feet at the tides highest. Therefore fishing at low tide is pointless. Also, the seabed is caked in weed so bottom fishing is probably best avoided. However, fishing can be good at times. During the summer months, you can expect to catch mackerel and garfish when they are showing in the Torbay area. Pollack and wrasse are also plentiful, although they don't come very big. Bass can also be taken occasionally as they often swim around the boat and marina.

With all that said, I don't suppose there is much to be said about what tackle to use. Sliding float tackle baited with mackerel strip, squid strip, worm baits, peeler crab, sand eel will catch all fish mentioned. You can also use mackerel feathers if you want, however, you very very careful that you don't accidentally hook someone up when casting as the pathway is fairly narrow and you will have to give way to passers-by. Able-bodied anglers can fish from the rocks just beyond the slipway and use feathers safely.