How to Setup a Roho Cushion

This is a great tutorial video which uses animation the show you how to correctly inflate your Roho cushion using the hand check method.

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Ensure the ISOFLO® Memory Control™ Unit valve is in
the unlocked position by sliding the valve to the right.

Inflate the cushion until all the cells are full of air. When
this is done the cushion will have a SLIGHT upward arch

Place person on cushion. Check footplates are properly

Slide your hand palm side down to locate the boniest
prominence—usually the ischial tuberosity. If you are not
sure lift the persons leg slightly and you will feel the boney
area move

While keeping your hand under the boney prominence,
open the ROHO air valve and let air escape. Continue to let
air out until you can feel about 15mm between the bone and
the base of the cushion. The person will feel themselves
sink into the cushion

Close the air inlet valve



With the ISOFLO® Memory Control™ Unit still in
unlocked mode position the pelvis. If correcting asymmetry
you may need to hold the pelvis in position. Once the pelvis
is in the desired position push the ISOFLO® Memory Control
™ Unit to locked position

Contouring as per this photo after a person gets off the cushion is normal. Do not adjust air unless patient is less than 15 mm from the base. If cells look full with nobody on the cushion it is likely it is overinflated



Immersion is the aim, picture at the bottom is correct, picture above is wrong!