Wheelchair Bags & Backpacks

I recently bought a fabulous backpack for my new Permobil Corpus 500 electric wheelchair.  The Permobil I have at the moment hasn't got any attachments where I can attach luggage so I made sure that my new wheelchair has the facility to attach at least one bag.  I bought a backpack with a wheelchair, but I also bought the another backpack from a company over the USA.  They have several available, I purchased the camouflage backpack which I will use for fishing. 

If you want one of these backpacks for your wheelchair then check wheelchairgear.com out, they have various sizes and models available, all of which will fit onto a wheelchair using various different fittings.  The backpack I bought fitted onto Permobils own bag attachment which you can get as an extra.

I have taken a couple of photos of the backpack so you can see how it looks on my my Permobil Corpus 500

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 Wheelchair Backpack  Wheelchair Backpack

wheelchair backpack
This is a slightly different model and colour