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I thought it would be fun to include a rather eclectic mix of music that I like. Some of the music you will probably recognise as being in the charts more recently, however a lot of it is music that takes me back many years, well before I had my accident. ABBA is the first group that I really got into a very young child, their music is timeless. And for the record, I always fancied the blonde one.

Back in the early to mid 80s are really got into the "Nutty Boys" better known as "Madness". I had to include a few tracks of theirs as it's great to reminisce and think back to when I was carefree with no worries. I used to turn my record player up and listen to madness for hours. It also gives me time to think about Gary, my dear and best friend from school who died in 2005, he was also a madness fan. I've included a few other songs such as "The Power of Love" by Jennifer Rush, it was number one in late 1985 and always reminds me of a young lady I was extremely fond of, but that's all you're getting. In the summer of 1985 I attended Falmouth fisheries College, one of the other guys there used to lend me his ghetto blaster, I can always remember a couple of songs that were on his tape, "The Eighth Day" by Hazel O'Connor, and "Big in Japan" by Alphaville, every time I hear these songs I remember those few fantastic months I spent away from home down at college.

In 1985/86 when I was working in Brixham, my cousin Nick would call for me every evening and we would go down to a place called "Tommy's" which was opposite the Golden Hind. It was basically a pool room with a snack bar that gave the kids a place to go in the evenings. There are a few songs that always remind me of the jukebox that was at "Tommy's". A young lady who I was friendly with really loved "Oliver's Army" by Elvis Costello, I heard that song so many times. Other songs which I used to play included "A Good Heart" by Fergal Sharkey, "If I Was" by Midge Ure, and "Lavender Blue" by Marillion, I think I must have played the songs over and over again. Oh, we mustn't forget "Do They Know It's Christmas?" By Band-Aid, that had been number one the year before and was still very popular song at the time. That was the original, not that crap version that was released in the mid-80s.

So that is the reason why I have included a few of my songs, the rest of them are songs I like from the presence and way back, a lot of them mean something to me in some way and bring back fond memories. I also wanted to include "The Ballard of Jon and Yoko" by the Beatles, basically this is the song that was at number one in the pop charts when I was born.

Anyway, I won't bore you with all the other details of why I like the music I have included in my jukebox collection, I just hope you enjoy listening to some of it.

Now! That's What I Call Music


This is the first Now! album that I ever got.  It was first released in 1983, and contains 30 tracks from that year.  So sit back, reminisce and enjoy the music from when we were teenagers

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